Our mission is to help maintain a sense of security for the parent, while providing a source of comfort and support for the pediatric patient. 

About Us


KIDZ Just Wanna Have Fun Inc. is a faith based corporation, founded on January 4, 2018. The inspiration for starting this organization came from personal experiences during a journey with an immediate family member, a child who was chronically ill and frequently hospitalized over a number of years. By the grace of God and the help of others, that child is now a completely healthy, college educated, successful adult. During that time we were blessed with extended family and many friends who supported us throughout her journey.  Now we want to extend the same blessing by supporting other families as they go through their journeys. 



When a child is hospitalized long term, both the parent and child often experience some form of stress. The child is taken out of their normal daily routine, they miss family and friends, they're being touched and talked to by different nurses and doctors daily, and they're often experiencing pain or discomfort. 

Parents/guardians are forced to trust the well being of their child to strangers. They watch as their child experiences pain or discomfort, unable to provide them any relief. Now their new primary focus is being an advocate for their child while trying to maintain their parenting role. 

The hospital environment can be a difficult adjustment, but more so for parents who also have outside stress factors; additional children to care for, the inability to take time off work, or the financial maintenance of a household. 

We know first hand the effects of stress when a family has an ill or hospitalized child. The responsibility of maintaining normalcy for a family while caring for a hospitalized child can be overwhelming. For some, it's impossible without help.

Through the services we will provide, we hope to be a source that can help make the journeys for these families a little easier. 



Our goal is to work with communities across the country to implement a nationwide, sustainable program that will ensure that parents of hospitalized children are able to care for their child without apprehension of negligence to their family or home.